Research Management

Infrastructure Management

Evaluation indicator:
Specificity and excellence of the mid- to long-term development plan of the institute (adequacy of personnel, facilities, operation strategy, financial investment plan, etc.)

Strategic Goals by Research Task Phase

  • The research infrastructure development plan consists of three phases: (1) integration of existing research infrastructure, (2) establishment of new infrastructure (ICT-based shared infrastructure), and (3) international infrastructure expansion.
  • Integrate the existing infrastructure of Korea University and the OJEong Resilience Institute and share it with basic science research institutes in the Anam-Hongneung Valley and international research institutes to strengthen the Core Research Institute infrastructure to address environmental and climate crises.
  • The core value of the infrastructure development plan is SCIence (Sharing, Cutting-edge, Integration), which aims to integrate and share facilities, equipment, manpower and literature for the advancement of basic science.
  • Achieving "Best" in securing infrastructure DB and dedicated research space in the last year of Phase 3

Phase 1: Consolidating existing infrastructure

Phase 2: Building new infrastructure

Phase 3: Expansion of international infrastructure