Research Management

Research Support

Evaluation indicator:
Specificity and excellence of the research support program operation plan
(Program direction, purpose, task selection/management plan, financial investment and support plan by month/year/support goal)

Strategic Goals by Research Task Phase

  • The research support plan consists of three phases: (1) securing and supporting young researchers, (2) supporting excellent research talents and promoting convergence research, and (3) supporting world-class human resources and maximizing the value of basic science research.
  • Based on the research topic, research infrastructure and research network development plans, there is specificity and excellence in establishing a development plan for talent cultivation and task management to strengthen research capacity in the basic science of ecosystem material cycles.
  • The core value is FACTS, which seeks to have fairness, autonomy, commitment, transparency and stability in talent cultivation and task management.
  • To achieve the goal through detailed strategies for the core values of talent cultivation and task management.
  • In the last year of the 3rd phase, the output of new and outstanding human resources becomes "best" and the output of world-class research talents becomes "excellent".

Research support program

Research program Purpose Funding duration Support target
Seed Support for personnel expenses for independent research activities and continuous research of new research professors 2+1 years Non-tenured, less then 7 years after earning PhD in basic science, or under the age of 39
Sprout Expansion of basic science base by supporting researchers in the field that lack research funding support 2+1 years Tenured /
Stem Helping new professors become mid-career researchers by quickly establishing research infrastructure 1~3 years Within 2 years since tenured in the College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology
Fruit Support for research activities to achieve the highest level such as:
  • Publishing in top journals in basic science,
  • Research with uncertain results but worth the challenge,
  • Strategic tasks for attracting large-scale tasks, etc.
1~3 years Tenured

Promotion of fairness, transparency, and stability through an external evaluation committee